Dynaudio Stand 20 hangfal állvány (pár)

  • High-end hangfal állvány
  • Magasság: 599 mm, tüskékkel: 613 mm
  • Az alap méretei (szél. x hossz.): 316 x 379 mm
  • A fedlap méretei (szél. x hossz.): 150 x 210 mm
  • Szeparált kamrában tölthető
  • Kábelvezető kamra


195 000 Ft



Dynaudio Stand 20 hangfal állvány

Nagyobb méretű állványos hangsugárzókhoz. Gyönyörű forma és kivitel, masszív, időtálló megépítettség, homokkal tölthető!

Norma Audio Audio Solutions szett Gedeon Audio

The aluminium Dynaudio Stand 20 provides a stable platform designed to match Dynaudio’s range of large standmount loudspeakers from the Excite X18 to the Contour 20 and Confidence C1. It includes built-in cable-management, a compartment for sand and an innovative tool-free, top-adjustable spike design – plus non-stick rubber pads to support your speakers. And we mean literal support: you can tilt the stand by up to 10 degrees without risking a toppling catastrophe. Stand 20’s design beautifully complements the clean lines of Dynaudio’s latest speakers, and its black or white or silver satin powder-coated finishes will suit any room. Stand 20 includes a sand compartment at the front, and is delivered with a plastic bag to facilitate filling the stand with sand, without spilling. At the back of the column, there is a cable compartment, with a large cutout at the top to allow the user to run for instance power cables and signal/speaker cables through the stand. The base is mounted with rubber rings to be used when placing the stand on hard floors. The Stand 20’s spikes are adjustable from the top, for even easier access. The top plate is mounted with non-stick rubber pads, which provide enough friction for the speakers not to fall off even if the stand is tilted within 10 degrees, while also providing some vibration control. Stand 20 is an aluminum design, with a nice structured paint. The shape of the column and base plate matches the design language of newer Dynaudio speaker lines. The logo is integrated in the casting, providing a nice looking and long-lasting impression, compared to a stick-on logo. Stand 20 is available in black, white and silver satin finishes.

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Dynaudio Stand 20 hangfal állvány (pár)

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